Friday, April 8, 2016

Nissan Has Already Built The 500,000th New Generation Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai has broken another record, reaching the half-million milestone faster than any car built in the UK.

Only 21 months after production of the second-generation Qashqai began in Sunderland, Nissan has built the 500,000th unit. Since the crossover entered production in January 2014, a new Qashqai has been built every 62 seconds on the Sunderland factory’s Line 1, with nearly 100,000 (20 percent) of these being delivered within the UK.

The announcement sees the Nissan Qashqai beat previous records set by the Mk1 Ford Cortina, which needed 34 months to hit the half million landmark, and the Austin/Morris 1100/1300, which reached the same total in 29 months.
The Qashqai is the best-selling crossover in Europe, with the UK being its leading market followed by Italy and Germany. However, Nissan doesn’t sell the Qashqai only in Europe. Although originally designed for the European market, the crossover is offered in 84 countries worldwide including Uganda, Zambia, and Saint Kitts.
“Half a million Qashqais in just 21 months is an astonishing achievement and proof that the Qashqai is hitting the spot with buyers. Together with the pioneering first generation version, there are now more than 2.5 million Qashqais on the road in Europe, making Nissan the undisputed leader in the Crossover sector,” said Nissan Europe chairman Paul Willcox.

From late autumn 2015 the new Qashqai will also be manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia for the local market.

Nissan Explains How Mariah Carey Songs And Brown Bears Help Improve Their SUVs’ Durability
Nissan has revealed some of the “secret” tests its crossovers have to pass before being shipped to customers in Europe. Since the Qashqai was introduced in 2007, Nissan has conducted more than 150,000 tests across its crossover range, including some bizarre ones.

For example, the sound systems of the X-Trail, Juke and Qashqai must be able to play music at high volume for a total of 1,200 days (or 1,728,000 minutes) using specifically selected tracks in order to cover the widest range of pitch and beat. The songs include...Mariah Carey for the high notes and German House music for its thumping bass.
Another curious test is to drop weights to ensure the glass roof can withstand the weight of a brown bear climbing on the car. Other components are abused as well, including the windows, which are opened and closed by special robots at least 30,000 times per model. Volcanic dust imported from Japan is also used to test against scratching and ensure the durable functioning of the electric window mechanism.
Additional tests include activating the windscreen wipers for 480 hours at different speeds and settings in simulated varied weather conditions, as well as deploying the indicators right and left 2.25 million times on every model.
Nissan is also using a wide range of cups, bottles and containers to make sure the cupholders and door pockets are adapted to what customers need. For example, engineers decided to redesign the front door pocket of the Qashqai when they found out that the new bottle of a popular brand of Japanese Green Tea would not fit without being slightly squeezed. The design was modified at a cost of more than €50,000 ($55,780).
In addition, more than twenty driver seat variations have been evaluated and tested for comfort over 300 times, with the cabins tested against every-day stains such as chocolate and oil, lipstick, hair gel and coffee.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Real Life Stick Shift...

It’s amazing the things people come up with; ok, somehow you managed to break/remove the gear lever. Fine, crap happens to everybody. But honestly now, a wooden stick… shift? This guy certainly must have had to much free time on his hands.
Via: Motorpasion

Friday, March 14, 2014

Scoop: Maserati Granturismo Coupe-Cabrio?

Our Dutch friends over at received a set of images from one of their readers featuring what seems to be a prototype for an upcoming Coupe-Cabrio (CC) version the Maserati GranTurismo. Despite the Ferrari alloy-wheels, we’ll agree with our fellow Dutch bloggers that this isn’t a Ferrari prototype –check out details like the dashboard, the doorhandles and the chrome strips on the A-pillar all of which point out to the GT. And if you’re wondering why we believe that the car seen here is a prototype for a drop-top version of Maserati’s glamourpuss coupe, then you’ll have to see another of set of images (check out the first picture after the jump) featuring a similar test mule on the dynometer.
Despite the fact that these images were passed on as a test mule for the Ferrari Dino, if you look carefully and check out the size and shape of the boot along with the way it’s hinged, the car we’re seeing here is most probably a convertible with a retractable folding hardtop. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below


Friday, February 28, 2014

eBay: Ferrari F512M "Replica"

1984's Ferrari Testarossa and its re-engineered sibling, the 1991 512TR were two of our favorite childhood dreamcars. Then in 1994 Ferrari spilled the bucket with the re-styled F512M which in our opinion, was and still is, one of the ugliest Ferraris ever to leave the Maranello factory. Of course, that doesn’t justify this dejected excuse for a replica that’s based on the ever-lasting Pontiac Fiero mid-engined sports coupe (jeez, how many are out there?), which looks like it jumped out of a “Thunderbird” episode from the late 60’s. -More pics after the jump
Link: ebay

Monday, September 9, 2013

What should you know about rental companies abroad

When you first think of it, it's rather strange to see any risks in addressing car rental companies around the globe as it's a type of business that doesn't involve large amounts of money or too much access to personal data. But when you hear various stories about travelers being literally ripped by car rental companies for services they didn't even know of or becoming victims of fraud schemes involving car rental companies, it's easy to become overly-cautious about all types of rental services, especially when going overseas. To be adequate in your expectations and avoid any risks regarding car rental companies you don't have to become a car rental expert. There are simple rules you must follow, which will help you avoid unpleasant situations and get the best service no matter where you wish to go to. Here are some simple tips on how to stay on the safe side when dealing with car rental companies: Make sure they are licensed First thing you must do when dealing with car rental companies is checking if they are licensed. Of course, it seems obvious that a large rental business is a licensed legal entity. But in some countries that might be a different case. And of course, when dealing with a legal entity it's much easier to settle any disputes compared to working with an individual. So always make sure that the company you are looking forward to renting a vehicle from is an actual legal entity to begin with. It's easy to do when checking their site online. And if they don't have one, well, this should certainly raise doubts about using their services. Learn the local peculiarities and legislation Local legislation can be a pain in the neck, especially when traveling abroad. Don't expect the local rules to be identical to those of the US - this is a mistake that causes too many problems to international travelers. Check the local legislation, especially when it comes to gas fees, contracts, extra services, airport and station taxes and so on. This will save you a lot of money and nerve when you get to your destination and will also give you some firm base for settling any kind of disputes with the rental company if such arise. Check out the competition No matter how small the country of your destination is there should be at least a couple of car rental companies to choose from. And you always have to check the competition not only for better prices but also to learn the average rates for different types of cars in the country. Even if there are two or three car rental companies, the competition will force them to keep the rates at a similar level and it will be easier for you to pick a car according to the local fees and circumstances. Inquire about all the extras Extra fees and services can sometimes add up hundreds of dollars to your original receipt at a car rental company. And these extras tend to vary a lot from country to country. For example, a child seat can go free of charge in Finland but it may cost you additional 15 Euro per day in Italy. The same goes for return fees and other widespread extra services. That's why you always have to check the price-list for extras and inquire about the conditions when these extras apply. This can save you a lot of money and free you from unnecessary stress. Check the feedback The common practice of providing feedback on different types of services such as accommodation, transportation, housing, catering and so on involves car rental companies as well. There are many travel forums that feature separate threads for discussing car rental companies and there are even separate review sites to check the feedback. So make sure to address these resources any time you want to rent a car, especially abroad, since it can prepare you for all types of situations that other travelers already went through.